How Is Sea Buckthorn Oil Supposed to Help With Weight Loss?


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As of December 2015, there is no official evidence that proves sea buckthorn oil is effective for weight loss. Early tests done on obese women garnered no results, according to WebMD.

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Sea buckthorn is a type of herb of which the flowers, leaves and berries are utilized to create various medicines. The active ingredients contained in sea buckthorn include vitamins A, B1, B2, B6 and C, explains WebMD. These ingredients are somewhat effective for treating stomach or intestinal ulcers and symptoms of heartburn.

The leaves and flowers of this herb are used by some health practitioners to treat arthritis, gout and certain skin rashes. Tea made with sea buckthorn leaves is a good source of vitamins, antioxidants, amino acids and minerals, notes WebMD. This tea helps improve blood pressure and cholesterol and is an immune system booster. The berries are believed to prevent infections, improve vision and slow the effects of aging.

Some people use the berries as a topical preventive measure for sunburns and for treating radiation damage caused by X-rays. The berries are also used to topically treat bedsores, acne, burns and other skin issues, states WebMD. However, there is not enough evidence available to fully support any of these uses of sea buckthorn.

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