What Are Some Scoliosis Therapy Exercises?


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Common exercises for scoliosis include leg and arm extensions, triceps raises, back extensions and upright rows, as listed by iScoliosis.com. Some of these exercises require a stability ball and light weights.

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To perform leg and arm extensions, mount the stability ball with hips facing downwards, and balance with the toes of one foot and the fingers of the opposite hand on the floor, as instructed by iScoliosis.com. Lift the free arm and leg, and hold them in the air for three seconds. For the triceps raises, sit on the ball with feet on the floor, grabbing a weight in one hand. Lift the weight behind the head, so the elbow is in the air, and use the other hand to steady it. Slowly lift the forearm at the elbow joint before lowering it again. Complete these exercises for both sides.

Perform a back extension by lying with the stomach on the stability ball and knees on the floor, as stated by iScoliosis.com. Relax over the ball, and lift the upper body until it is parallel with the hips. Hold the position for five seconds before lowering the upper body. To complete an upright row, grab some light weights and stand with arms down and palms facing the legs. Pull up the arms, while keeping them close to your body until the elbows are raised to the sides. Lower the weights and pause at the bottom before completing another repetition.

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