How Do Schroth Method Practitioners Treat Scoliosis?


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Schroth Method practitioners treat scoliosis by prescribing physical therapy that corrects spinal imbalances and elongates the trunk by developing the rib cage's inner muscles. This is accomplished through corrective breathing exercises and exercises that straighten, centralize and de-rotate the spine, according to the Hospital for Special Surgery. The Schroth Method is often used in support of the current treatment approach in the United States, which includes braces and surgery, states Scoliosis Rehab Inc.

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A physical therapist trained in treating scoliosis designs a therapy program and exercises specific to each patient based on function and mobility of the patient, as well as the curve patterns and severity of the condition, explains the Hospital for Special Surgery. The length of treatment also varies from patient to patient, but treatment sessions typically last 45 to 55 minutes, and may range from five sessions to 20 sessions. The program encourages a scoliosis patent to receive reevaluations of his condition every two to three months after finishing the initial program.

The Schroth Method emphasizes fixing posture and teaching each patient how to control and reverse his abnormal postures during his daily routine for the rest of his life, as noted on SchrothMethod.com. An example of a type of exercise included in the method is the unique rotational breathing technique, which teaches the patient to use the ribs as levers while breathing, to help align the vertebrae and to increase lung capacity.

The goals of the Schroth Method exercises is to reduce pain, stabilize curves to help halt progression of scoliosis, mobilize body parts that are stiff, enhance neuromuscular control, and increase muscle strength and endurance, according to the Hospital for Special Surgery.

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