What Are Some Schizophrenia Treatments?


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According to the National Institute of Mental Health, schizophrenia treatments revolve around some combination of psychotherapy and medical prescriptions. The goal of treatment is first to stabilize a patient through the use of antipsychotics and then to manage symptoms through psychosocial treatments with a licensed professional. Some schizophrenia patients may require social, vocational or drug rehabilitation if their case is severe enough.

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According to the National Institute of Mental Health, it is common during a schizophrenia patient's treatment for family members to receive instruction and counseling in order to learn how to recognize the early symptoms of a relapse and obtain coping mechanisms that help them to deal with a schizophrenic in ways that do not exacerbate the condition. Patients who have been stabilized and are able to function on their own may undergo additional counseling to learn illness management skills. They can also join self-help groups where they are encouraged to share their experiences with other schizophrenics and build a support network to rely on as they reintegrate into society.

The National Institute of Mental Health explains that family members may have difficulties when trying to help schizophrenics, because the patients commonly do not agree that they have a problem or are not aware that their hallucinations and delusions are fabricated. It is important for schizophrenics to receive professional treatment and find medications that manage their symptoms.

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