What Is a Scabies Rash?


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A scabies rash is caused by an infestation with microscopic mites known as Sarcoptes scabei, explains WebMD. It occurs when the mites burrow beneath the top layer of the skin and lay eggs. The resulting allergic reaction causes the scabies rash and symptoms of scabies, including intense itching, according to MedicineNet. Scabies can affect anyone but is more common among those with poor hygiene or who live in crowded spaces.

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Scabies is transmitted from one person to another via close and prolonged contact. Sharing bedding, towels and clothing with someone infested by scabies can also transmit the condition. Sexual partners can transmit the mites to one another. WebMD notes that the mites that cause scabies can live on bedding for a full 24 hours.

Scabies is treated with a special topical lotion that is applied over the entire surface of the body and left on overnight or for eight hours. WebMD advises that all clothing, towels and bedding used by the person must be washed in hot water and dried using high heat. An additional treatment is required seven to 10 days after the first to ensure eradication of the mites. The itching caused by scabies can persist for several weeks following treatment; however, within 48 hours after treatment, no scabies rash or burrows are normally evident.

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