What Do You Say to Someone Who Is Dying?


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When someone is dying, it is important to focus on the needs of the person who is dying and to actively listen. People who are dying often want to talk about the process of death itself, and may have fears about what death will be like or about how their passing will be handled. In addition to words, actions are key as well, and taking time to help ease daily burdens from those who are dying can make a meaningful difference in their remaining days.

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A dying person might want to know more about what will happen to them as they come to the end of their life, or have fears that they might be kept alive through artificial means, rather than being allowed to pass peacefully. The person may also be concerned about whether they will be alone as they die. Talking about these concerns with medical professionals, as well as loved ones, can help provide answers and peace of mind.

Many people who are dying want to talk about the things in life that they have done that they regret and to apologize for them. They might want to share life lessons with family and friends. They also might want to spend large amounts of time with their closest family members and friends. It can be helpful to sit near the dying person and to hold their hand or hug them while they share their thoughts and feelings. Simply letting the person choose the topic and staying with them while they share is enough.

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