What Are Some Saw Palmetto Benefits for Women?


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Saw palmetto benefits for women include the potential prevention of conditions such as adult acne, adverse menopausal symptoms and polycystic ovarian syndrome, or PCOS, according to The Nest. Such conditions are often caused by a testosterone imbalance in women, and saw palmetto helps prevent these conditions through regulating hormones in the body.

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When testosterone coverts to dihydrotestosterone in women, it causes a hormonal imbalance, states The Nest. Saw palmetto in the correct doses helps prevent this breakdown and may also have an estrogen-like effect to help restore any hormonal imbalance. Saw palmetto is often recommended for women to treat adult acne, which may be caused by a hormonal imbalance. Although evidence of the effectiveness is lacking, it is thought that the fatty acids in the saw palmetto berries may also be beneficial to skin health.

Some herbalists attest that saw palmetto helps prevent detrimental menopausal symptoms such as atrophy of the vaginal and uterine tissues, adds The Nest. Although hard evidence for this is also lacking, the beneficial effects could be due to the restoring of hormonal imbalance. Symptoms associated with such an imbalance, such as trouble losing weight, the excess growth of facial and body hair, and irregular periods and infertility, are also potentially reduced with the proper doses of saw palmetto.

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