How Do You Save on an Eye Exam for Contact Lenses?


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Saving money on contact lens exams involves simple steps such as shopping around, getting your eyes checked less frequently and clipping coupons. Belonging to membership clubs such as AAA also yields discounts.

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These days, optical shops are available in large department stores such as Sears, Target, Costco and Walmart, and often have an optometrist on site who can perform routine eye exams for contact lenses. Big box retailers are able to offer competitive exam pricing due to volume, and afford consumers the opportunity to shop around.

Getting your eyes checked less frequently is a logical way to save money on contact lens exams. Many ophthalmologists and optometrists recommend getting your eyes checked once a year, but some experts claim that every other year is often enough. Exam frequency is dependent on the comfort level of the consumer; it is obviously important to monitor significant changes in vision and be on the lookout for eye disease.

Coupon clipping and participation in organizations such as AAA often provide savings on contact lens exams. Big chains such as LensCrafters honor competitors' prices, and it is worth speaking to a retail professional to find out which pre-existing membership privileges you enjoy offer additional discounts.

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