Do Sauna Belts Really Work?

Sauna belts do not work, according to Many people have complained of the product's ineffectiveness, and there have been reports of burns on people's skin from using these belts. also backs up the sentiment that sauna belts can be dangerous to wear and ventures to say that these products are a scam. Because people tend to wear these belts for long periods of time, there is the risk of ending up with blisters and itchy skin from the heat. A person can just as easily get a $10 heating pad, and heating pads protect the skin from burning. Sauna rooms and sauna suits are other alternatives. also adds that proper diet and exercise are superior fat-burning methods in contrast to sauna belts.

A sauna belt works by generating heat around the mid-section to target cellulite deposits, burning calories in the process. According to, this method does not work because burning calories already ties into a person's metabolism. The metabolism generates heat and burns calories more effectively than a sauna belt. After a workout, a heightened metabolism also conjures heat and burns fat when a person sleeps at night. Muscles generate heat and burn fat through exercise more than sauna belts. The heart and lungs also burn calories through cardiovascular exercise.