What Is Sanofi Patient Connection?


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Sanofi Patient Connection is a patient support program offered by the pharmaceutical company Sanofi US to help patients in the areas of insurance reimbursement, accessing free or low-cost medications, and finding health care resources. The program is directly accessible to patients and also has a portal for health care providers to enroll their patients and manage the support services that they receive, explains Sanofi.

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Reimbursement Connect is the division of Sanofi Patient Connection that deals with determining insurance coverage for medications and treatments, notes Sanofi. The program helps patients with insurance verification procedures, getting prior authorization for treatment when necessary, finding proper coding and billing information, and managing and appealing claims.

The Patient Assistance Connection provides free medication to eligible patients. In order to qualify, patients must not be eligible for government assistant programs or have insurance that covers the treatment, explains Sanofi. They must also be under the treatment of a qualified physician and meet income requirements.

The Resource Connection helps patients find resources and support for their health conditions. These resources include direct clinical support, access to adequate food and nutrition, transportation, home care, medical devices and cosmetic aids. The Resource Connection also helps patients find advocacy support for understanding their rights and education on medical issues, notes Sanofi.

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