What Is a Sample Menu for a Flat Belly Diet?


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A sample menu for the flat belly diet is a mango strawberry smoothie for breakfast, an avocado and salmon salad for lunch and a Waldorf pita for dinner. Snack options throughout the day include low fat string cheese, a fruit cup, baby carrots, whole wheat crackers and peanuts.

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The smoothie is made by blending skim milk, almond butter, strawberries and mangoes. The salad has romaine lettuce, wild salmon, grapefruit, rice vinegar, avocado and olive oil. The Waldorf pita is one whole wheat pita that has been stuffed with garlic and herb cheese wedges, chopped apple, walnuts and shredded romaine.

The flat belly diet is based on the idea that monounsaturated fatty acids can eliminate belly fat and reduce eating by giving the dieter a full feeling after meals. Sources of these fatty acids, such as nuts, chocolate and olive oil, are therefore a staple of the diet and included with every meal. Saturated fats are avoided due to their link to heart disease.

The flat belly diet is similar to the Mediterranean diet. Shopping lists and recipes are included with the diet. Exercise is encouraged, but not required with the diet. The meal plan provides 1,600 calories per day, but can be adjusted based on the dieter. A version of the diet designed specifically for men has more calories per day.

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