How Do You Get Same-Day Dentures?

Same-day dentures require a preliminary consultation with the dentist to determine suitability, as not all patients are candidates for these devices. If preliminary evaluation suggests suitability, the dentist takes the oral impressions necessary for fabricating the denture on the day he extracts the natural teeth.

Same-day dentures provide a temporary solution to tooth loss during the healing process as the mouth recovers from teeth extractions. They allow patients to eat and speak normally while waiting for their permanent dentures. Most patients also feel more confident and attractive with even temporary dentures than with obviously missing teeth. In addition, same-day dentures help prevent the movement of remaining teeth and support the facial muscles. The drawbacks to same-day dentures include the need to adjust to wearing the dentures and possible interference with the sense of taste.

Following tooth extraction, the gums and the underlying bone normally shrink. This causes denture fit to loosen and necessitates readjustments or relining of the same-day denture to maintain a snug fit. After six months, gum and bone shrinkage is usually complete, and the patient is ready for either a new permanent denture or a permanent hard lining to the temporary denture.

Some patients are not suited for same-day dentures because their teeth require removal over two or more visits. In these cases, the dentist must allow for six to eight weeks of healing time between the extractions but may be able to create a same-day denture for use after the final round of extractions.