What Are the Best Salt Substitutes for Diabetics?


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The best salt substitutes for diabetics are the sodium-free or low-sodium herb or spice blends, says HowStuffWorks. Diabetes comes with a lot of complications that affect various parts of the body; however, most of these complications can be managed by reducing normal salt intake.

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Diabetics are always at higher risk of developing cardiovascular complications and hypertension, which is why they must watch their salt intake, states About.com. The recommended daily intake of salt per person is one teaspoon. In spite of this, most people take almost 2 teaspoons daily, which is not healthy, especially for diabetics.

In addition to using sodium-free or low-sodium herb or spice blends, diabetics can reduce their salt intake by avoiding adding salt to their food. Getting rid of regular salt is recommended to avoid yielding to temptations. Those who wish to enhance the taste of their food can blend their favorite herbs and spices to create a more interesting flavor. Such blends are also widely available at health stores, according to HowStuffWorks.

When dining out, diabetics should choose low-sodium or unsalted meals. It is best to avoid or drastically reduce the use of condiments because they are normally overloaded with salt. Increasing the intake of fruits and vegetables is also recommended for diabetics, according to About.com.

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