What Do Salt Cravings Mean?

salt-cravings-mean Credit: Christopher Hope-Fitch/Moment/Getty Images

According to Mayo Clinic, salt cravings can be caused by a lack of salt in the body or a more serious medical condition, like Addison's disease or Bartter syndrome. Salt is an essential element for the human body to function.

Salt cravings can occur when there is not enough salt in the body, and the body is requesting this type of fuel to optimize its function.

If salt cravings are associated with other symptoms, it can indicate a far more serious medical condition. For instance, salt cravings along with muscle weakness, fatigue and weight loss can indicate Addison's disease.

The best way to understand the reason for salt cravings is to consult a medical professional. They can conduct tests and provide insight into the reason for the salt craving as well as how it can be stopped.