How Does Sage Help People Experiencing Hot Flashes?

How Does Sage Help People Experiencing Hot Flashes?

Preliminary research indicates that sage extract can improve menopausal symptoms, particularly hot flashes, according to WebMD. Supplements should be taken for eight weeks to see an improvement in symptoms.

Early research also suggests that sage extract, when used with alfalfa extract for three months, can possibly lessen hot flashes and night sweats, adds WebMD. Sage is safe in most instances, particularly in amounts used in foods. It is also mostly safe to be consumed orally or applied to the skin. Sage can become hazardous when high doses are taken orally for extended periods of time.

Some types of sage contain the chemical thujone, which can be toxic if enough is ingested, cautions WebMD. Pregnant and nursing women should not take sage because thujone could cause a miscarriage and reduce the milk supply.

Sage can also lower blood sugar levels in diabetics, WebMD explains. It should be used cautiously if being treated for hypotension or hypertension. Spanish sage can increase the blood pressure, while common sage can lower the pressure of people who are already hypotensive. Sage may cause interactions with medications that treat diabetes and seizures and cause sedation.

Sage is also used to alleviate a variety of digestive issues, notes WebMD. It can also be effective for those with depression, memory loss and Alzheimer’s disease. Sage can be applied to the skin to treat cold sores, gingivitis and sore mouth.