How Do You View the Safilo Eyewear Catalogue?

View the Safilo eyewear catalogue by going to the company's official website, Click on the tab marked Collections at the top of the home page to browse the latest selections of men's, women's and children's eyewear.

Safilo lists all the different types of eyewear it sells online. In addition to information about and pictures of their individual products, Safilo's website also lists details about certain types of their eyewear designs, such as Optyl, Elasta and UFO.

To view the different products in the Safilo catalogue, click on the Collections tab at the top of the home page of the company's website. This tab is sandwiched in between the Home and Heritage tabs. The next page lists details about the current Safilo eyewear collection. Underneath this blurb are three different options, each with a photo of a pair of glasses, labeled "man," "woman" and "kids." Click on one of these to view the different products available in that section.

Hovering over the Collections tab with the mouse brings up a box with a list of links to the separate Men's, Women's and Children's sections. Click on one of these to go directly to that section and bypass the blurb about the latest Safilo eyewear collection that comes up after clicking the Collections tab.