What Are Some Safe Workouts for Women Over 50?


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Safe workouts for women over 50 include aerobics, strength training and stretching exercises, WebMD indicates. Workouts are important because they can reduce the risk of developing diabetes, osteoporosis and heart disease. Also, they melt belly fat and keep the woman fit.

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The aerobic exercises that a woman over 50 should try are swimming, walking and jogging among others. The exercises are beneficial to body weight and the cardiovascular system. They engage the body's large muscles. For best results, a woman should do sessions of 20 minutes or more for three or four days every week. The woman should workout at a moderate pace that can let her hold a conversation, explains WebMD.

To improve the strength of the bones and posture, the woman should lift hand weights. Also, the exercise tones the arms and reduces the chances of developing injury at the lower back. It is advisable to start with small weights that can make eight repetitions easy. As the woman gets used to the weights, she should slowly increase the weight and the number of repetitions, according to WebMD.

Stretching helps the woman remain flexible, and it protects her from muscle soreness and injury. Some stretching exercises that a woman over 50 should try are Pilates and yoga. These exercises increase stability and give the body strength, says WebMD.

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