What Are Some Safe Ways to Relieve Severe Heartburn Symptoms at Home?


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Safe ways to relieve severe heartburn symptoms at home include wearing loose-fitting clothing, staying upright for at least three hours after eating and raising the head of the bed, according to Mayo Clinic. Preemptive home remedies include losing weight and staying away from foods that have caused heartburn in the past. Heartburn sufferers should also stop smoking.

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People who experience severe heartburn during the night can find relief through torso elevation, states Mayo Clinic. Patients should purchase a wedge that is at least the length of the torso and slip it under the head of the mattress to lift the body.

Calcium, a common ingredient in antacids, is a safe way to alleviate severe heartburn symptoms, asserts WebMD. Patients should take calcium according to package directions and see a doctor if heartburn symptoms persist for more than two weeks. The herbal remedy Iberogast may provide relief, but WebMD advises against it for patients with gastroesophageal reflux disease. Other potential home remedies include melatonin and milk. In some cases, chewing sugar-free gum can help remove the acid that causes heartburn.

Drinking water can alleviate heartburn in some patients, according to Reader's Digest. Other safe treatments include sleeping on the side, deep breathing and avoiding foods with high fat content.

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