Is It Safe to Use Albuterol During Pregnancy?


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Safety studies have concluded that albuterol is the preferred medication for treating asthma while pregnant, according to AmericanPregnancy.org. Women should not stop taking the asthma-controlling medication due to pregnancy, but they should avoid excessive use. Albuterol can cause an increased heart rate and hyperglycemia in the mother and fetus.

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Pregnant women taking albuterol may experience side effects such as headaches, restlessness, nausea and dizziness, but uncontrolled asthma during pregnancy can cause the mother and her fetus to receive less oxygen. Sufficient oxygen supply reduces the risk of pre-eclampsia, low birth weight and premature birth. A pregnant woman who doesn't take her asthma medication is more likely to cause harm to herself and her baby than if she takes the medication, according to WebMD.

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