Is It Safe to Get Pregnant After a Laparoscopy?

It is safe to get pregnant after a laparoscopy, a procedure that is frequently used to help previously infertile women suffering from endometriosis get pregnant, according to WebMD. However, women who are 35 or older should talk to their doctors about potential infertility treatments following surgery due to increased risk of miscarriage. WebMD recommends that younger patients try to conceive without additional treatments following surgery.

WebMD defines endometriosis as a condition where the lining of the uterus starts growing outside of the uterus, a condition which often results in fertility problems. Laparoscopic surgery is a common treatment for mild to severe endometriosis. The National Institutes of Health reported studies showing that laparoscopy improved fertility rates for women with severe endometriosis within the first six months following the procedure. Women suffering from mild endometriosis did not benefit as much from the laparoscopy.

Endometriosis symptoms also frequently return after the first year for almost half of all women, according to WebMD, with recurrence rates increasing with each passing year. The highest chance of becoming pregnant without using additional treatments falls within the first three to six months after surgery, before the endometriosis has a chance to reoccur. Women who have had a laparoscopy should ask their doctors when they can resume having intercourse following the procedure.