What Is a Safe and Natural Baby Constipation Treatment?


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Safe and natural baby constipation treatments include ensuring the child is getting plenty of fluids, giving him the recommended amount of fluids each day, providing fruit juices and switching to baby foods with plenty of fiber, according to WebMD. Massaging the baby's stomach can also help.

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Babies who are switching to formula from breast milk should have no more than 1 to 2 ounces of water no more than twice a day for the initial two weeks, notes WebMD. A child shouldn't be given extra water for more than three weeks unless otherwise recommended by a physician. Babies younger than two months shouldn't be given water.

Baby foods that contain a high amount of fiber include peas, apricots, prunes, cooked dried beans, plums, pears and peaches, states WebMD. Ensuring the child eats enough fiber helps stool become bulky and soft. In addition to giving a child at least 1 cup of vegetables a day, a child who gets constipated easily shouldn't have foods that contain very little or no fiber. Examples of such foods include cheese, ice cream and processed foods.

Massaging a constipated infant's stomach can help relieve discomfort, according to WebMD. A child can also be positioned on his back with his legs bent onto his stomach, and rotated in a clockwise direction. A warm bath can also help a constipated infant.

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