What Are Some Safe Exercises for People With Parkinson's Disease?

What Are Some Safe Exercises for People With Parkinson's Disease?

Some safe exercises for people with Parkinson's disease include dancing, yoga and stepping over obstacles. Exercises have a variety of benefits, including reduction of stiffness and improving posture and balance, states the Parkinson's Disease Clinic and Research Center.

Parkinson's disease often affects the patient's ability to balance, walk and coordinate other movements. Some researches show that exercise may help in managing the progression of the disease, notes Cleveland Clinic.

Walking outdoors or in open spaces is a good way to promote fitness while allowing the individual to explore the outside world. This type of exercise encourages learning and attention. Dancing is another type of exercise that allows the patient to have fun while gaining physical fitness. Patients who dance regularly are likely to improve their coordination skills.

Yoga exercises are generally relaxed. They allow the patient to stretch the muscles and promote better blood circulation. Some types of yoga exercises help in the management of stress.

Any type of sport promotes physical fitness. Ping pong, golf, tennis and volleyball are all possible options for an individual with Parkinson's disease.

Other types of exercises that are safe for individuals with this condition include swimming, hiking using walking sticks and bodyweight supported treadmills. Talk to the doctor for more information regarding the most suitable exercises for each particular patient.