What Are Some Safe Exercises for a Baker's Cyst?

Hamstring stretches from the seated, lying and standing positions are some safe exercises for a Baker's cyst, according to Knee-Pain-Explained.com. Stretch sessions should be done twice daily and during a session, each stretch should be held for 30 seconds before being released, then be repeated for a total of three times. When doing the stretches, individuals should choose the particular position that feels most comfortable to them.

Individuals can perform the standing hamstring stretch exercise by placing one foot on an object about 1 1/2-foot high, while the other foot rests on the floor, and then slightly bending the knee to about 15 degrees, explains Knee-Pain-Explained.com. From this position, they should slowly lean forward and down until they feel the middle of the back part of the thigh stretching.

Alternatively, a similar stretch can be done by lying flat on the back, bending the knee that requires stretching, and holding the back of the thigh with one hand and the back of the calf with the other, as stated by IPC Physical Therapy. From there, the individual then pulls the leg towards the chest while keeping the knee bent at about 20 degrees, until the middle of the thigh stretches strongly.

To stretch the hamstring from the seated position, individuals should sit on the edge of a chair with the ailing leg slightly bent at the front, notes Knee-Pain-Explained.com. While seated, they should lean forward, while keeping the head up and the back straight, until the back of the thigh stretches.