What Are Safe and Effective Exercises for Older People?


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Some safe and effective exercises for older adults include an exercise program that consists of aerobics, flexibility, resistance/strength and balance exercises, reports the American Academy of Orthopedic Surgeons, or AAOS. Balance exercises are important for older adults who can be at risks for falls, suggests Diabetes in Control. The types of aerobic exercises suitable for older adults can be low impact aerobic exercises, using rowing or stair climber machines, walking and swimming.

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Aerobic exercises can help to keep the heart healthy and can help control weight, explains AAOS. For flexibility and agility, stretching exercises are good options, These exercises can keep or increase a person's range of body movements. Resistance or strength training can include using free weights or weight machines to keep muscles and bones strong. Balance exercises are important to prevent falls and possible fractures that may occur due to these accidents. Tai chi and yoga may be good options to help with balance issues in older adults.

Older adults should exercises 5 days a week for at least 30 minutes per day. The American College of Sports Medicine suggests that adults should get at least 150 minutes of moderate exercise a week.. Exercise is important for older adults because they can become more sedentary with age. The main benefits of exercise for older adults are that they can help them maintain muscle mass, healthy joints and also may lower the risks of falls, states AAOS.

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