What Are Some Safe and Effective Constipation Remedies for Babies?


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Constipation in babies is safely treated by making dietary changes or adding a small amount of dark fruit juice to the formula, says WebMD. BabyCenter.com recommends exercising the baby or massaging the baby's belly.

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What Are Some Safe and Effective Constipation Remedies for Babies?
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To relieve constipation in a baby, start by switching formulas if the baby is bottle fed. Constipation is not a reason to stop breast feeding, says WebMD. Dark fruit juice, such as prune or pear, added to the formula can help ease constipation. Adding a small amount of water to the formula may also help but no more than one or two ounces per day.

If the baby can crawl, encourage it to do a few laps. For babies that can't crawl yet, pump their legs. This is done while the baby is lying on its back, and the legs are moved in a gentle circular motion, states BabyCenter. Alternatively, massage the baby's belly about three finger widths below the bellybutton on the lower left side. Apply firm but gentle pressure until a mass or firmness is felt. Maintain gentle pressure on the mass for three minutes.

If the baby eats solid foods, try reducing the intake of foods such as rice, bananas and cooked carrots, says BabyCenter. These foods are known to cause constipation.

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