What Is a Safe Coumadin Level?


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A person should take 1mg to 10mg of Coumadin once in a day as instructed by a doctor, as stated by Cleveland Clinic. The dosage can also be individualized for a person depending on his or her response to the drug. A doctor can adjust the dosage of a patient according to the condition being treated.

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Also known as warfarin, Coumadin should be used as directed by a doctor, as it may lead to bleeding. People who are at higher risk of experiencing this side effect include patients with stomach bleeding, cancer patients, heart disease patients, people with hypertension and people who are 65 years and above. A person should try taking the drug at the same time each day. It can be taken before or after a meal. The prescription should be refilled a week before the current supply ends.

A doctor may need to carry out an INR test to figure out the response of a person to Coumadin. The test helps to show the rate of blood clotting in the body. This test helps to determine the right dosage for a person, which helps in maintaining the right INR numbers, as stated by Coumadin. Taking the drugs as instructed helps to maintain the correct level in the body.

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