Is It Safe to Buy Injections Online?


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Buying injections online is not considered safe, according to the U.S. Food and Drug Administration. Purchasers of such injections run the risk of health problems, complications and even death. Conusmers should always consult a doctor before taking any medication.

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There are several problems associated with purchasing online injections, notes the FDA. There is no guarantee that the place from which a person purchases drugs online is FDA approved. Drugs purchased from overseas sellers are often from non-FDA approved facilities that may be selling counterfeit drugs with no useful ingredients or even with harmful ones. Buyers also run the risk of purchasing unsterile syringes and medication that is improperly formulated, impure, beyond the expiration date or improperly handled and stored.

If a purchaser bypasses getting a proper prescription for an injection, he runs the risk of dangerous complications or drug interactions about which a physician would usually warn them, explains the FDA. Further, if they are hospitalized, the emergency room has no record of the medication being taken. Drugs bought online can also contain inaccurate labeling or labeling in a foreign language, increasing the risk of the purchaser's misuse and risk of mishap or even death.

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