What Are Safe Aerobic Exercises for Seniors?


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Some safe aerobic exercises for seniors include pushing a lawn mower, playing volleyball, playing tennis, water aerobics, walking, cycling, martial arts, swimming, dancing and hiking. These activities can be divided into two types, namely moderate-intensity and vigorous-intensity, of activities. Typically, any activity that increases the heart rate of a person helps to improve endurance.

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Seniors can work with professional trainers who will help them identify the best exercises to meet their specific needs. This will depend on a person's age, strength and if he or she is suffering from a health condition. A person will start noticing improvement or change within 6 weeks of engaging in the exercises, as stated by Healthline.

Moderate-intensity activities help to increase the pulse of a person, thus making him or her feel comfortable. These activities should be done for at least 150 minutes a week. It is claimed that vigorous-intensity activities can improve the health of a person overtime more so than moderate-intensity activities, as stated by NHS.

Vigorous-intensity activity means that a person is breathing fast and his or her heart beat has increased a bit. In such a situation, a person may not be able to say several words without pausing. It is advisable for healthy seniors to engage in vigorous activities for no more than 75 minutes at a time.

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