What Is the Sacred Heart Diet?

The Sacred Heart diet is a seven-day diet plan that revolves around eating a specialized soup that is required for each day. This is a low-calorie soup that contains tomatoes, celery, green onions and green beans. Each day calls for a different kind of food, such as the first day requiring the consumption of any kind of fruit but bananas while restricting any other foods except for the Sacred Heart soup.

The limiting nature of the Sacred Heart diet is meant to help the dieter lose weight quickly over a short span of time. This type of diet is risky even if it works, and it is not recommended by the hospitals that the diet is allegedly named after. Because the diet limits some types of food, it also limits the intake of vitamins and minerals and causes deficiencies if the diet is repeated or practiced by someone already on a poor diet.

The diet is circulated purely through word of mouth and the Internet, and it has no basis in medical research or the recommendations of doctors. In fact, the Sacred Heart diet is risky for some individuals, such as pregnant women or people weakened by an illness, and it is generally not advised in any case.