What's the Best Way to Get Rid of Plantar Warts?


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There are several highly effective treatments for plantar warts, or warts found on the heels or balls of feet, such as the application of salicylic acid or going through cryotherapy, according to Mayo Clinic. While most plantar warts heal without treatment, the process can take more than a year. Several self-care treatments, such as home remedies and nonprescription medications, can help speed up the process.

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One home remedy for plantar warts involves placing duct tape over the wart and leaving it for six days, according to WebMD. Patients then remove the tape, soak the plantar wart in water, and gently clean the area with an emory board or a pumice stone. This treatment is repeated over a span of a few months. Patients can also purchase an over-the-counter wart treatment that gradually peels off the wart.

Applying prescription-strength wart medications or any strong peeling medicine with salicyclic acid boosts the body's immune system and helps it heal the wart, reports Mayo Clinic. Layers of the wart are removed over time, and this treatment can be done alone at a patient's home. A freezing treatment called cryotherapy involves applying liquid nitrogen to the plantar wart and waiting for a blister to form. The resulting dead tissue often drops off within a week, and repeat procedures are done every three to four weeks until the wart is completely removed.

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