What's the Best Way to Remove a Fish Bone Stuck in Your Throat?

The best way to remove a fish bone stuck in the throat is to have a doctor extricate it. In some cases, it is possible to dislodge the fish bone by consuming foods like bananas, marshmallows, rice, nuts, or peanut butter and bread, according to ER Centers of America.

For the banana remedy, bite off a piece of peeled banana, hold it in the mouth for at least one minute to allow saliva to moisten it, then swallow it without chewing, and follow it up by drinking plenty of water. The marshmallow remedy involves placing several marshmallows in the mouth, chewing them slightly and then swallowing them. To use the rice remedy, cook rice to a sticky consistency, and form it into a ping-pong-sized ball while the rice is still warm. Place the ball in the mouth, swallow it without chewing and drink a glass of water. The idea behind each of these remedies is to swallow a sticky substance that can capture or dislodge the fish bone during the swallowing process, explains ERCA.

Another sticky remedy involves spreading a thick layer of peanut butter on a piece of bread, placing a large bite of it in the mouth, holding it there until it is moistened with saliva and then swallowing it. The nut remedy involves swallowing a mouthful of chewed nuts of any kind in the hope that the coarseness dislodges the fish bone, states ERCA.

If these remedies do not work, ERCA advises patients to seek medical attention. A fish bone stuck in the throat can cause infection within a few days.