What's the Best Way to Heal a Skinned Knee?

s-way-heal-skinned-knee Credit: Steven Errico/Photographer's Choice RF/Getty Images

To heal a skinned knee, WebMD advises rinsing the knee with water immediately following the injury to ensure that dirt and debris are removed. Pressure is then applied to stop bleeding, if necessary, and a clean dressing is applied. This dressing must be kept clean to avoid infection.

According to WebMD, there is no need to use cleaning solutions, such as hydrogen peroxide, iodine or rubbing alcohol, as they may cause further irritation. Most skinned knees heal within a few days.

When bleeding doesn't stop quickly or fat is visible through the wound, WebMD recommends contacting a doctor. Stitches may be necessary.

WebMD states a skinned knee needs to be treated to avoid infection. Signs of infection include increased pain, fever, or pus.