What's the Best Way to Choose a Gym Workout Routine?

A number of factors can be involved in choosing a gym workout routine, including fitness level, available time, equipment, recovery rate, personal preferences and the ultimate goal, according to BodyBuilding. Fitness level is possibly the most important factor to consider when first planning a routine. Start with mild exercise when out of shape and build up to intermediate and complex exercise.

Take multiple factors into consideration for a gym routine. Those who aren't certain where to start can get some advice from the gym's personal trainer. These professionals are used to developing plans for clients based on their fitness levels, availability and desired outcome. For instance, someone who wants to lose weight may need to do more frequent high-intensity programs, such as attending a Zumba class. Group classes are also good for people who like to socialize, reports WebMD.

Personal preference is another important factor. Those who get bored easily should not just do one type of exercise for the 45 minutes spent at the gym. Instead, consider cross-training to break up the monotony, by doing 15 minutes of running, 15 minutes of swimming and 15 minutes of bike riding.

Those who have a lot of time can choose a more leisurely routine and may even go to the gym daily. Others who have limited time might want to spend it on circuit training. Going from machine to machine with little time for resting in between helps keep the heart rate high, notes WebMD.