What's a Typical Daily Regimen for Testing Diabetic Glucose Levels?


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The typical daily regimen for testing diabetic blood-glucose levels depends on the type of diabetes and how it is treated, says Mayo Clinic. For a patient with Type 1 diabetes, the regimen commonly involves testing between four-to-eight times a day. A person with Type 2 diabetes may only be required to test two-to-three times a day, depending on the amount insulin taken, or once a day if treating diabetes with diet and exercise or noninsulin medication.

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Type 1 diabetes patients commonly test their blood-glucose levels before and after eating and exercise, before bed, and sometimes during the night, according to Mayo Clinic. Those with Type 2 diabetes treated with insulin commonly test their blood-glucose levels before meals and if necessary before bedtime.

The procedure for testing involves washing and drying the hands, inserting a test strip into the glucose meter, lancing the fingertip and squeezing the sides to get a drop of blood sample, and holding the edge of the test strip to the blood, explains Mayo Clinic. The meter displays the blood glucose level a few moments after this. Each time the blood sugar level is tested, the patient makes a record of the results, including day and time and other relevant information such as medication and dosage taken and recent food intake and exercise.

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