How Do You Know When It's Time for Cataract Surgery?


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A person should have cataract surgery when he has trouble engaging in regular hobbies or driving or when he experiences a glare while driving at night, says VisionAware. Just because an individual has a cataract does not necessarily mean he needs surgery as soon as possible.

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Cataract surgery becomes a viable option whenever an individual's degrading vision impairs him from engaging in his regular activities, notes VisionAware. A person can lead a productive and active life with cataracts if the cataracts are not too severe.

If a cataract is allowed to remain in the eye for too long, it can harden and become difficult to remove, making it preferable to treat it sooner rather than later, says VisionAware. Cataracts that are not removed in a timely manner can also lead to inflammation and glaucoma from the increased pressure inside of the eye. If the person has cataracts in both eyes that both require surgery, the cataracts can be removed several weeks apart to avoid infection and surgical complications.

In some cases, prescription eyeglasses are enough to treat the nearsightedness that can be caused by cataracts, notes VisionAware. Individuals who are already wearing glasses may need a new prescription before considering cataract surgery.

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