What's a Good Way to Locate Reputable Cardiologists?


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To locate reputable cardiologists, a person can ask for a referral from their primary health care provider, check the organization's affiliations and research how much work they do, recommends the American Heart Association. Asking friends and family for a recommendation may also be helpful.

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Getting a referral from a primary health care provider is ideal because doctors usually know their patients' medical history and preferences, notes the American Heart Association. Cardiologists who have performed many procedures usually have a higher skill level based on their experience, so inquiring about past surgeries may help in choosing the right one. Seek out cardiologists who work for reputable organizations, as a known and respected establishment is not likely to associate with a cardiologist who lacks credibility.

Another way to determine the reputability of a cardiologist is to research them online, states the American Heart Association. Some states have websites that list legal actions taken against people in the medical field. Although one or two lawsuits may be explainable, a pattern of them may indicate a problem.

It is very important that the patient feels comfortable when interacting with medical professionals, notes the American Heart Association. If a patient is not sure if a procedure is necessary or if he feels as though communication is lacking in any way, it may be a good idea to seek a second opinion elsewhere.

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