What's a Good Home Remedy for a Child's Earache to Augment Antiobiotic Treatment?


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The application of a warm compress to the ear is a good home remedy for a child's earache to augment an antibiotic treatment, according to WebMD. This helps to alleviate pain, notes eMedicineHealth. Care must be taken to avoid burning the skin with the compress.

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A cold compress may also provide relief from the pain of an earache, adds Healthline. Over-the-counter ear drops may offer relief as well; however, ear drops must not be used if the ear drum has burst. They should also not be used if the child has tubes in his ears, notes WebMD.

Sitting in an upright position and chewing gum can help alleviate pain and pressure in the ear, according to Healthline. For infants suffering from earaches, feeding them may help lessen pressure in their ears. Pulling the ear lobe out and down several times may also help relieve pressure and allow drainage of any fluids, advises Dr. William Sears.

Over-the-counter pain relievers, such as acetaminophen and ibuprofen, can help mitigate the pain from an earache, states WebMD. This is especially helpful if given before bedtime to allow the patient to fall asleep comfortably. Getting enough rest is important as it allows the body to heal more quickly.

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