What's the Best Diet for Diabetics?


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The best diet for diabetics tempers the influx of sugar with dietary fiber, eliminates saturated fats and uses omega-3 fatty acids to boost heart health. These types of foods can keep blood-sugar levels from spiking, and improve overall health and quality of life, notes the American Diabetes Association.

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What's the Best Diet for Diabetics?
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Incorporating beans and legumes in the diet as occasional substitutes for animal proteins helps to keep protein levels constant while reducing saturated fat. Eliminating fatty meat as much as possible and replacing it with leaner sources, such as salmon, increases the intake of omega-3 fatty acids, as stated by the American Diabetes Association.

Substituting whole grains for processed grains is a helpful dietary tip for diabetics, as well. Instead of using white bread, pasta or rice made with enriched-wheat flour, using whole-wheat bread and pasta, as well as brown rice, provides fiber. The whole-wheat varieties still have carbohydrates, but the bran and germ provide the necessary fiber for a healthy diet, according to the American Diabetes Association.

Healthy snacks for diabetics include a handful of nuts, berries or a small piece of whole fruit. These snacks incorporate the right kind of fat, soluble fiber and necessary vitamins, states the American Diabetes Association.

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