What Is "S. Boulardii Candida"?


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S. boulardii and candida are two different types of yeast. While candida is responsible for infections of various parts of the body, including the vagina, mouth, esophagus, skin and blood, S. boulardii is sometimes used to combat yeast infections, such as candida.

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Taking oral antifungal medications to treat a candida infection can reduce the effectiveness of S. boulardii supplements, according to MedlinePlus. There is currently not enough evidence to rate S. boulardii's effectiveness as a treatment for candida infections.

Many probiotic supplements include S. boulardii because there is some evidence that this strain of yeast can prevent and treat diarrhea. Individuals often take S. boulardii supplements to reduce diarrhea associated with taking antibiotics.

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