Is the Russian Sleep Experiment True or False?

The "Russian Sleep Experiment," in which Soviet researchers allegedly kept five political prisoners awake for 15 consecutive days through the use of an experimental gas stimulant, is false, according to The fictional story originated as a popular Creepypasta offering.

The article about the "Russian Sleep Experiment," which gained widespread popularity online around 2010, tells the allegedly historical account of a 1940s sleep study gone awry, according to The story holds that the five prisoners were held in a sealed room with a stimulant gas piped in to ensure that they did not fall asleep. It goes on to describe the horrific results of the experiment in graphic detail. reports that the story is fictional. No such experiment ever took place and none of the claims in the story are based on actual events. The story is an example of Creepypasta, a horror-based writing genre including short and mostly supernatural stories posted by their authors to various online forums.