Why Is Running Good for You?

Running is healthy because it is good for the prevention of health conditions, helps with weight loss and strengthens joints and bones. A person can gain many benefits by running at least 150 minutes each week.

Regular running can reduce the risk of certain cancers, cardiovascular disease and diabetes. It can also help lower high blood pressure and cholesterol levels. Running helps burn calories and fat quickly when combined with a nutritious diet. It is a good form of exercise for maintaining a healthy weight, as well. As people grow older, it becomes more important to keep bones and joints healthy. Running can help people avoid bone weakness or breakage. It also helps the muscles and surrounding joints stay strong.

Running is good for physical and mental health. Regular exercise helps keep the brain sharp. Thinking, learning and judgement often improve when a person starts a vigorous exercise routine that includes running. It also helps a person's disposition as a person who runs is less likely to become stressed out and generally in a happier mood than one who does not. The activity may also help with chemical imbalances in the brain and depression, and some people use running as an alternative to antidepressant medications.