How Do You Run a Faster Mile?


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To run a faster mile, run distances that are longer than a mile when training. Increase strength by lifting weights. Get adequate rest and occasionally use interval training to increase speed.

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Endurance must be increased to improve speed, and a weekly long run can help to accomplish this. When running longer distances, decrease pace and focus on simply covering the distance. Increase the length of the long run gradually until a distance of 7 to 8 miles is being covered. Muscular strength can be gained by working with weights or by doing exercises that use a person’s own body weight. Rather than building mass by lifting heavy weights, strengthen and tone by doing a lot of repetitions.

Perform strength training exercises on run-free days. Rest is critical as it allows time for strained muscles to be repaired, and having sufficient rest is especially important between hard workouts. Difficult workouts should at times take the form of interval training; this type of training involves alternating between hard running and recovery jogging for a similar distance. As it makes distance easy to measure, track running can be ideal for interval training. The faster pace of hard intervals increases confidence for the mile.

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