How Do You Run a Faster 5k?


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In order to run a faster 5k you need to setup a goal, create a training routine and intensify your track workouts. Start by assessing your current speed. Make sure your new goal is realistic. A good goal is to improve your 5k time by 20 minutes.

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Create a new training routine. A good routine involves three days of endurance and three days of sprint workouts. It is also important to have at least one day of rest. Lengthen your distance by half a mile every week. This can help build stamina.

While adding distance, try to maintain the same pace. In order to increase running speed, intensify track workouts. This helps you get used to the pace. To build strength, your training routine should include running uphill. Time your speed and attempt to run a few seconds faster every time.

Before doing a speed workout, do a warm-up routine. This should include a few minutes of stretching. It is helpful to have a training partner to improve motivation. During a track training session, change directions to relieve the stress on the inside of the legs. Choosing a pair of comfortable running shoes is also essential for running a faster 5k.

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