How Do You Run Correctly?


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To run correctly, focus on the ground ahead of you, land your feet correctly, position your arms, keep your posture straight, move your arms naturally from the shoulder, and take gentle steps. Running correctly is easy after some practice.

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  1. Stay focused

    Watch the ground 10 to 20 feet in front of you. Keep an eye out for incoming obstacles, and avoid looking at your feet.

  2. Land properly

    To prevent energy loss or injury, avoid landing on your toes or heels. Land on the middle of your foot. Keep your feet pointing straight ahead.

  3. Position your hands and arms properly

    Let your arms sit at a 90 degree angle, and keep your hands at waist level. Avoid clenching your fists. This prevents fatigue and tension.

  4. Watch your posture

    Keep your shoulders neutral and relaxed, your spine straight and your head upright. Avoid leaning forward or back.

  5. Move your arms properly

    Don't rotate your arms form the elbow. Allow your arms to rotate naturally from the shoulder.

  6. Tread lightly

    Try to keep your strides short and light, and avoid moving up and down too much. High or long steps cause quick fatigue, and the shock from stepping down too hard can cause injury.

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