What Are Some Rotator Cuff Exercises Used in Physical Therapy?


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Strengthening rotator cuff exercises used in physical therapy include shoulder blade retraction and wall push-ups, according to MedlinePlus. In addition, stretching the back of the shoulder helps to increase flexibility.

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To retract the shoulder blades, the arms are brought up so the elbows bend at 90 degree angles, MedlinePlus demonstrates. Holding this position, the shoulder blades are pulled closer together across the back. In executing wall push-ups, the patient stands facing the wall with the arms outstretched at shoulder level. Hands are flat against the wall. As the elbows bend toward the floor, the body leans towards the wall.

To stretch the back of the injured joint, the arm on the affected side is brought parallel to the floor and bent at the elbow, explains MedlinePlus. As the hand reaches to touch the back of the opposite shoulder, the crook of the elbow comes close to the neck; the free hand holds the bent arm in place above the elbow.

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