What Are Some Rotary Cuff Pain Symptoms?


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Rotator cuff tendinitis typically causes a deep, dull aching pain in the affected shoulder, according to eMedicineHealth. Pain from rotator cuff tears can significantly impair range of motion, making it difficult for patients to lift the affected arm away from the body or move it out to the side. The pain is often worse at night and can interfere with sleeping.

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Without proper treatment, rotator cuff injuries can lead to permanent weakness and stiffness in the shoulder, cautions Mayo Clinic. Treatment options may include rest, ice, anti-inflammatory medications, steroid injections and physical therapy, states eMedicineHealth. Depending on the severity of injury and the patient's age, nonsurgical treatments for rotator cuff injuries have a success rate between 40 to 90 percent, but significant tears may require orthopedic surgery. Studies indicate that up to 94 percent of patients who undergo rotator cuff repair surgery enjoy improved functioning and long-lasting pain relief.

Engaging in sports that require repetitive arm motions, such as tennis, can increase risk for rotator cuff injury, as can occupations that require repetitive overhead arm movements, such as house painting and carpentry, states Mayo Clinic. To prevent rotator cuff problems, people should warm up properly before engaging in any activity that stresses the shoulders, notes eMedicineHealth.

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