Why Is the Roof of My Mouth Swollen?

roof-mouth-swollen Credit: Owens Valley Desert Rat/CC-BY-SA 2.0

Two common reasons for a swollen roof of the mouth include canker sores and burnt tissue along the roof of the mouth, according to MedlinePlus. The remedies for canker sores and burnt tissue include treating the affected area and avoiding triggers that worsen the condition.

Consuming spicy and hot foods or drinking extremely hot beverages can burn the roof of the mouth and cause inflammation. Blisters can also form around the area that was burned, according to MedlinePlus. Swishing cold liquids around the area can bring immediate relief. Limiting spicy foods and not allowing food to make contact with the burnt, inflamed area are medically recommended actions for allowing the roof of the mouth to heal on its own.

Canker sores develop along the roof of the mouth when the tissue is scratched or burned by food, beverages or sharp objects, such as pens. They can also arise due to bacterial infections, according to MDHealth. Canker sores start out as red marks, but they quickly swell with yellow or white pus. Opening the sore can spread the infection to other parts of the mouth. Therefore, the recommended treatment for canker sores is prescription medication that dulls the pain or baking soda or salt compresses that eradicate the bacterial infection.