What Is the Role of Stabilized Liquid Oxygen in Herpes Treatments?


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As of 2015, no credible medical evidence is available to indicate stabilized liquid oxygen facilitates herpes treatment. Physicians treat herpes using anti-viral medications such as acyclovir, famciclovir and valacyclovir, recommends Mayo Clinic.

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Some websites such as NaturesAlterrnatives.com claim stabilized liquid oxygen kills the anaerobic herpes virus without harming other friendly microorganisms in the body. Stabilized liquid oxygen reacts with the stomach acid, releasing molecular oxygen and chlorite ions that kill the microbes on contact, and that it is an all-natural remedy for the prevention of genital herpes outbreaks, explains NaturesAlternatives.com.

Similar anti-viral medications for the treatment of type one and two herpes simplex viruses are listed on WebMD. The medications alleviate pain caused by an outbreak of herpes and decrease the number of outbreaks, although stabilized oxygen is not listed as one of the treatment options, notes WebMD.

An herbal treatment comprising of stabilized oxygen reduces the level of acidity in the stomach due to dilution of oxygen, suggests NaturesAlternatives.com. Chlorite ions and oxygen molecules separate from sodium, resulting in the release of chlorine dioxide and destruction of microbes in the bloodstream. As chlorine dioxide and chlorine oxidize, they naturally kill the herpes virus. Neither WebMD nor Mayo Clinic support these assertions and instead support the alleviation of symptoms as opposed to cure, according to each website.

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