What Is the Role of a Dietitian?


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According to National Health Service Careers, dietitians work with individuals who have special dietary needs, especially those with medical conditions that require specific nutrition plans. Cleveland Clinic explains that dietitians help people create individualized plans to meet specific health needs and goals. Dietitians perform a vital role in the practical application of nutrition to diet plans. They promote the health of individuals and communities to prevent problems related to nutrition.

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National Health Service Careers explains that dietitians translate the science of nutrition into daily information about food: They interpret and relay information on nutrition science to allow people to make informed and practical health choices. They are trained both in hospital and community settings. They offer unbiased advice, evaluate and improve treatments and educate patients, community groups and other health care professionals.

Cleveland Clinic states that dietitians help patients who are concerned with wellness, disease prevention, feeding concerns with children or enhancement of athletic performance. Dietitians assess the nutrition needs of people and help establish realistic goals. They advise patients about techniques to stay on track with a recommended nutrition plan and provide ongoing encouragement. Most individuals consult with dietitians for help to manage obesity, pre-diabetes, diabetes and high cholesterol.

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