What Is a Rocephin Shot?


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According to Drugs.com, Rocephin is a cephalosporin antibiotic used to treat bacterial infections in the body. Rocephin can be administered intravenously or via intramuscular injection. The typical duration of Rocephin treatment for uncomplicated infections is 4-14 days. Ceftriaxone is the generic equivalent for Rocephin.

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Drugs.com states that Rocephin is indicated for treatment of medical conditions including urinary tract infections, uncomplicated gonorrhea, pelvic inflammatory disease, bacterial septicemia, bone and joint infections, intra-abdominal infections and meningitis. Rocephin is also used prior to surgical procedures to reduce the risk of postoperative infections. Patients with colitis, renal disease or gallbladder disease should consult their physician prior to starting Rocephin.

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